Skin Protector

Skin Protector


Product Size: 40ml

A high quality, premium “healthy skin” serum with innovative skin healing ingredients for dry, stressed and unhealthy skin which acts as a 24h skin protector. It will strengthen the skin barrier; improve hydration; reduce inflammatory response of the skin; rebalance the cutaneous microbiota (acts as a prebiotic). It restores the skin homeostasis and improves skin comfort and makes the skin less sensitive to environmental aggressors such as pollution, chemicals and sun.


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  • Skin Healing
  • Prebiotic action for a Probiotic effect
  • Wound and scar repair
  • Skin barrier repair
  • Reduces sensitive skin
  • Supports and comforts Eczema prone skin

Apply 2 pumps of the serum morning and evening to a clean, dry skin on the face, neck or affected area. Massage into the skin and allow to for second skin to settle.


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